Bloody Myspace

After spending about a month mixing, producing and mastering the vudu guru CD in lovely 24 bit 88.2kHz Audio I am now forced to squeeze it onto myspace at 100kbps MP3. Gnash. I’m not happy.

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  1. what you could do is upload some nicer sounding audio files to your own webspace, and on the myspace page disable the normal player and embed the xspf player (its a flash player that loads xml playlists)
    for an example of it:


  2. Interesting, you mastered it at 88.2kHz rather than 96kHz. Intuitively, you’d think 88.2kHz should down-sample to 44.1kHz more cleanly. Does it/is that why?

  3. Yeah, that was my logic, but thinking about it now, doing it at 88.2, you’re probably just going to loose every second sample (depending on the bounce process i guess). I’ve heared of alot of commericial recording being done at 88.2 over 96, I’m going to do some reading I think.

  4. Also why I clicked on the comments page… haha. How sad are we.

    Hrm… rather than losing every second sample wouldn’t you end up with a bang-in-the-middle average type downsampling? sounds clean to me…

    Let me know what you find out though ;)

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