Vocoded Crowd Thingy

Having a listen back to it, I wish i’d spent more time on it, but the people at Sony were happy so I am.

Last weekend I had to do the final edit for a double CD for the cambrdige folk festival for Gott Discs. Everyone was cleared except Ani Difranco, Beth Orton and an American country band called the Indigo Girls. They wern’t happy wiht thier track as it had some glitches on (which were easily sorted) and a bit where the band stop singing to let the crowd sing a line not many people sang it and it sounded (to them anyway) a bit lame. All I had to work with was a stereo 2 track straight from the BBC van, so I couldn’t just boost the audience. What I did was this:

I sang the line into Protools in the vocal booth took out the low end, sent it to ableton, used waves morphoder combined with a 5 second snippet of crowd at the end of the gig (so the audience tonality matches) and modulated the crowd with my voice.

I then ran 2 Anteres Choir sims on 32 voices in parrallel, Anteres Punch and ableton resonator and EQ to give it some harmonies.

I then just mixed it in. Here is a link to to file. You’ll hear the normal version, then the doctored version then the two edits in very close proximity.

I might redo it actually, It could be better…..

In a bit.


The File - http://www-users.york.ac.uk/~mwl500/indigogirls_vo_crowd.mp3

 The CD -


2 Responses to “Vocoded Crowd Thingy”

  1. That’s pretty cool, you’ve done a good job!… perhaps too good - must be quite rare for an audience to be that in tune with each other hahaha

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