Latest Creation!

Guitar geeks might be interested in this. Finally finished my first all valve amp. It’s basically a 70s Marshall 2204 JMP Master Volume (which then became the original JCM800 in the early 80s) with a couple of tweaks to the tone stack and a power amp direct in so I can use my JMP1 pre amp with it if i ever desire to.

The wooden box was made from an old door that was kicking about my dads garage. Not sure if i’m going to leave it pure wood or paint it/tolex it. I’ll have to see. The mains transformer is a weird one and seems to be giving pretty high B+ and heater voltages on its output (about 7.2V rather than 6.3). From what I can tell, it warms the tubes up alot more than usual, which means more electrons will be dissipated from the cathode which will either mean earlier saturation or MORE VOLUME! It will mean a shorter tube life, but I think I can live with it.

Can’t really do a thorough test as my neighbors and house mates are sleeping but watch this space for sound clips..

In a bit..


Done!Top Down

Drum Replacement - Reaktor

After poking about on the net for a bit, I was amazed to find no free drum replacement software for Intel OSX. I decided to make my own audio unit but got put off by the learning curve I would need to undertake for such a simple threshold->play sample effect. It’s something I fully intend […]

DIY Ribbon Mics - THEY WORK!

I figured I should do something useful with my self so I built two Austin style ribbon mics out of some brass tube. The only thing I bought pre made was the transformer from Edcor and XLR connector. They’re kind of in between an SM57 and a small diaphragm condenser. Have a listen for your […]

New Tunage

Have a gooseos at my myspace page ( Got a new tune up. It’s a jungle dnb mix up with Capleton in it. Bosh.
It feels nice to get this amenage out my system. I think i’d like to start work on some serious music and try and put a coherent album together. The only problem […]

I’m now considering leopard…

This is nuts. How can Logic 8 running in Tiger give worse phase and distortion performance than when running in Leopard?
Have a look at this:
It’s pretty interesting, its a comparison of lots of different software’s downsampling algorithms.
Notable Offenders:
Logic 7 (Awful)
Digital Performer
Reaper (Probably produces audible comb filtering)
Sadie (Pretty amazingly bad, odd for such a highly […]

Behringer are like smart price cornflakes

Ever hear the expression ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’ ?
I thought my recording chain was fine and dandy, but after spending a solid week in my garage recording, i’ve begun to have suspicions.
After my exasperation with the awful sound quality of my crappy behringer desk I decided to extend my ageing pro-tool […]


For those that are bothered:
The album I recorded over summer with a band of mine.

Sunn O))) - Portishead ATP 2007: What actually happened.

Alot of people have asked me about Sunn’s little tiff at atp the other week, and the nearest thing I could find to it was here so i figured i’d write it up for people to google.
The room was nice and quiet and the stage guys turned all the smoke machines onto full […]

Bad drums?

Been playing around with drums lately, which isn’t much good as I should be doing APP work… but.. If your drums are lacking a certain something, (particularly rock or metal drums) the performance is good, has nice dynamics, and compressing the cheese out of it just make the cymbals pump, you might want to try […]

Microwave gun
According to this, it will shoot a beam about 200 feet and still burn. alot.